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Accelerate Your Innovation Leadership: Webinar Recap

'Innovation' and 'Leadership' are two words that get used often - sometimes too often - on their own, but are rarely used together. Figuring out what Innovation Leadership looks like and how it's applied to leading teams into the future interested Jay Melone and Daniel Stillman so much that they..

Jim Kalbach

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Turn Customer Needs into Business Opportunities - Webinar Recap


Most of us can agree that finding new business opportunities is hard. Even well-established companies get stuck in old ways of creating growth.

But by focusing on the customer's needs, you will expand your possibilities and unlock the door to new potential. The first step is to map the job at hand and prioritize unmet needs.

In a recent webinar, MURAL’s own Jim Kalbach, author of Mapping Experiences, Marc Sniukas, Parker Lee, and Matt Morasky, authors of the bestselling book The Art of Opportunity, got together to discuss how understanding the customer experience as a source of growth.

One of the key takeaways followed Marc’s description of a new way to approach strategy, outlined in their book The Art of Opportunity.

Companies need to ask three fundamental questions:

  1. Where to play? Modern approaches focus on the customer and non-customer experience
  2. How to play? You have to consider your offering, the business model and the revenue model.
  3. How to win? Focus on customer value, firm value and ecosystem value


Additionally, Jim presented a new MURAL template for mapping the customer’s job to be done that can help you visualize your new strategy with the customer in mind.

Click on the image below to access that template and add it to your MURAL account:

Job to be done template

Click to access the MURAL template

Parker then concluded the presentation with a description of getting empathy for the user and how customer needs fit into the overall big picture.

Here are the slides from the presentation:



If you're interested in further exploring how customer's needs can lead to the development of new business strategies, see our previous webinar together: "The Art of Innovation: Visual Thinking for Strategic Innovation"

Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in customer experience, experience design, digital transformation, and strategy.

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