MURAL for DesignOps
DesignOps: Equipping Design Teams for Success

You might be wondering, “What is Design Operations, or DesignOps?” According to Dave Malouf, founding member of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), it’s “The connective tissue, lubrication,and rails that amplify the value of a…

The Art of Opportunity: Interview with Marc Sniukas

All successful companies must eventually answer the same basic question: How do you establish new growth strategies and business opportunities from within your organization? That’s exactly what the authors of The Art of Opportunity set out to answer. Read our interview with Dr Marc Sniukas to find out more.

MURAL on different devices
Five Design Thinking Shorcuts for Productivity in MURAL

According to IDEO President and CEO Tim Brown, “Design thinking is a human-centered…

What’s New in February: Use MURAL on More Devices

Welcome back to our series, “What’s New at MURAL.” In our February webinar,…

Assumption mapping with MURAL
How to Look Before You Leap: A guide to mapping assumptions for product development teams

This much we know: design thinking can help lead to better product development.…

Turn Customer Needs into Business Opportunities – Webinar Recap

MURAL’s own Jim Kalbach hosts the authors of The Art of Opportunity, Marc Sniukas and Parker Lee, in this webinar that focuses on turning user needs into business opportunity. Watch the full recording and get the slides here, as well as new MURAL template on jobs to be done.

DesignOps: Solving the Technical Challenges of Modern Design Teams – Interview with Dave Malouf.

Design is serious business. More and more, companies are realizing that good design isn’t a nice-to-have: it’s mission critical. “DesignOps” is a new field that looks at the tools and instrumentation needed for modern design teams to succeed. Find out more in this extended interview with Dave Malouf.

Learn Lean UX with Jeff Gothelf – AMA Recap

For proponents of lean UX, it can sometimes be hard to convince others…