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To me, learning how to use MURAL is not about how to add a sticky note to a canvas. It’s about how to transform the way that I work in a collaborative, digital way - regardless if I'm co-located or remote. With this goal in mind, Virtual MURAL Week was born.

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5 Best Practices for Remote Design - Webinar Recap

If you think remote collaboration is hard, you’re not alone. Chances are one of these challenges sounds familiar:

  • Remote meetings where attention drifts off
  • Lack of personal connection with others
  • Difficulty sharing ideas visually across distances

Creative work is particularly disadvantaged when it comes to distributed teams. But our research also shows that remote design is very common: of the 275 designers we polled, 2/3 said they deal with remote situations on 80% or more of their projects.

But we also found that about 50% of designers feel that the quality of their work goes down when working remotely. This is a problem. (You can see more of our survey results in a short post here.)

In this webinar hosted by MURAL, our own Jim Kalbach discusses each in more detail, with specific tips and techniques, as well as examples from IBM, McBeard and others.



The point is that good collaboration skills aren’t nice to have, they’re essential these days. Based on our research, we put together a list of five essential best practices to help with remote design. They are:

  • Meet in person
  • Break it down
  • Be present
  • Work visually
  • Experiment

Here are the slides from the webinar as well:

Best Practices in Remote Design from MURAL



Here are some of the examples Jim mentioned in the webinar:



Below are some of our favorite resources on remote collaboration.


Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in customer experience, experience design, digital transformation, and strategy.

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