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PI Planning with MURAL

Program Increment (PI) Planning is part of the SAFe (Scaled Agile Frameworks), a regular routined event that occurs with a planning agenda for Agile Release Train teams to align on a shared mission and vision, and to iterate on the next PI. Historically, PI Plannings are completed in person on..

Hannah Zhang

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MURAL @ IDEO: Graduation Day

IDEO has been one of our greatest partners. They saw the value in our initial product and helped us grow through their Startup-In-Residence program

Mariano Suarez-Battan

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This Is Your Brain On MURAL - Interview With Dr Anjan Chatterjee

The human brain processes visual information differently than text. We’re able to see patterns and relationships in a unique way when we solve..

Jim Kalbach

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Creativity is Serious Business: An Interview with John Cabra

Creativity isn’t just nice to have: it’s serious business. John Cabra should know -- he’s a leading researcher and consultant in the field.

Beyond Being There: Online Collaboration in the Heightened Reality

We are fortunate to live in a global economy driven by ever accelerating change.

Those who stand to win are the people that are able to quickly..

Sebastian Sjoberg

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Do You Suffer From Workshop Amnesia?

You’ve experienced this before: a creative team comes together for a workshop. Maybe it’s new project or you need to brainstorm new product..

Curate your own Museum of Ideas

The benefits of keeping a sketchbook of ideas are multiple. There’s even a pretty good article that mentions the emotional and creative benefits..

Mariano Suarez-Battan

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Solving Problems Visually: Switching Frameworks is Good For You

Tom Wujec is a thought leader in design and collaboration. A Fellow at Autodesk, he helps companies visualize business problems. Tom is a master..

Why Brainstorming is Only Half the Battle

In the past few years, I’ve seen a number of articles that proclaim a rather unsettling message: that brainstorming doesn’t work. Or rather, that..

Megan Landes

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Keeping up with Collaboration in the Age of Connectivity

Communication is changing. We live in the Age of Connectivity, a world where no one would be shocked if wifi made an appearance on Maslow's..

Megan Landes

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