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How to Choose the Right Touchscreen Display

Imagine using digital screens in your sessions that basically work like giant iPads. Wouldn't meetings and working sessions be much more engaging than with an 'old school' projector or TV screen? And wouldn't your workshops be much more engaging and up to modern standards than with physical..

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Three Keys For Running Successful Remote Workshops: Webinar Recap

Design workshops help companies frame challenging problems and find optimal solutions - but what happens when you're on a globally distributed team?

The chops we've developed for running workshops and meetings in a room together don't always map to online. It’s our goal to show you how, with forethought, conducting remote workshops can be as productive as running them in person.

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We recently welcomed our very own Jim Kalbach (Head of CX) and Mark Tippin (Head of Content), to host a webinar to share insights from their new book, The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops, including:

1. The three critical elements you must consider before planning your workshop. (The Three T's)

2. How to create the flow that guides your participants through the discussions and gets you to the insights.

3. Insights from industry leaders that are using MURAL to run remote design workshops.

They also live demo'd an online workshop activity with remote participants and answered attendee questions in a Q&A which we documented in the presentation mural.

demo activity
Live demoing remote participants in an online workshop activity.

This was one of our most engaged and animated webinar audiences to date, and perhaps the first time we've gotten multiple requests to share the chat log afterwards - so here it is: Webinar Chat Log

And as always, if you missed the webinar, we've got you covered.

Check out the video recording:

Explore the presentation mural:

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If you enjoyed the webinar and the book, we encourage you to share them with your community - and we'll repost your message to our network too 🤩.


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