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Remote Design Research at O'Reilly Media: Interview with Stefanie Owens

Stefanie Owens leads the user research practice at O'Reilly Media. Her team of talented designers manage to stay connected and creative despite being distributed across the U.S.

We interviewed Stefanie to find out how her O'Reilly team designs remotely together and what advice she has for others.

Jim Kalbach

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Meet the MURAL Interns

Nuha Masri

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At MURAL, we believe that having a diverse team results in the best work. To incorporate this idea, we invited four summer interns to join our marketing team and expand their existing skillsets.

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They wasted no time getting to know the people at MURAL, interacting with cross global teams and working on real-life business challenges.

As a team, we focused our efforts on all things marketing, including implementing analytics, SEO, marketing automation and email marketing, as well as facilitating events and webinars, learning design principles, like design thinking, lean and agile methods, and working with tools like HubSpot, Sketch, After Effects, Google Analytics and social networks.

To capture the experience, we’ve asked our interns to share a little about themselves and what they've learned at MURAL.

In Their Own Words


Jessica Su

JS.jpg"One of the things I've really enjoyed [at MURAL] was learning about design thinking. During these two months, I’ve developed a better understanding of it by reading about design methods and frameworks, and seeing how MURAL provides the tools for people to help develop their ideas. Overall, this was a great experience. I am thankful for this internship opportunity and appreciate how welcoming and helpful the MURAL team has been."

Jessica joined us from UC Berkeley, where she's working towards her B.A. in Economics.



Han Soo Kim 

HK.jpg"MURAL provided an unforgettable internship experience in a very supportive environment. As a marketing intern, I worked on creating social media content, improving SEO, auditing the blog, constructing landing pages, utilizing HubSpot and choosing the menu for our Friday team lunch.

Of the countless things I learned, I enjoyed learning about design thinking and how MURAL is a significant part of implementing these practices around the world. MURAL is a great companion in encouraging a design mindset and provides the perfect solution to its users.

I really enjoyed the overall experience at MURAL because I got to work with some amazing people from various backgrounds, striving to achieve the same goals.

I am very thankful for having spent my summer here and appreciate the marketing team who allowed me to develop not only as a better professional but as a better individual."

Han Soo joined us from UC Berkeley working towards his B.A. in Economics. Han Soo is expected to graduate in 2018.


Piril Akay

PK.jpg"I had a great experience at MURAL– not only because I had the opportunity to work and practice my skills, but also because I got to be a part of a great team. I had the opportunity to design frameworks, edit content and work with developers.

My internship at MURAL has been significantly different compared to the ones I had in the past. Many internships could be flexible and you get to explore more but what you do usually doesn’t come to life. I had the opportunity to see what I worked on get deployed and be used.

I appreciate the opportunity and would especially like to thank Nuha, David and Alexis for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to grow both professionally and individually."

Piril is a UX researcher and designer currently finishing her Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction from the California College of Arts.


Dana Isken

DI.jpg"During my short time spent at MURAL, I felt very welcomed into the MURAL team. I worked on creating marketing emails, designing the frameworks pages and collaborating on content creation. As a newbie to marketing, finding a way to create content that followed the company's values while explaining the main idea in a fun and relatable way was a challenge.

In addition, I enjoyed collaborating with others through the many murals. I received constant feedback on my projects as well as learned about the design process. I’m very appreciative for having the opportunity to work at MURAL and would like to thank the marketing team for their guidance this summer."

Dana is a graphic designer currently finishing her Master's degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University.


Kate Mattimore

KM.jpg"I haven’t been at MURAL long, but I already have come to appreciate the people and the atmosphere they have created. Not only is everyone welcoming and fun, but the drive, passion and hustle are palpable and inspiring to be around. So far, I am enjoying learning the social media ropes and have been collaborating on content creation with other members of the marketing team.

I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to be at MURAL, to be around such smart and accomplished people and I can’t wait to learn more!"

Kate is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Political Economy at UC Berkeley. 


We can't thank our interns enough for their hard work as well as for being part of the MURAL family. On behalf of the entire company, we wish you all the best of luck!  

Nuha Masri

Nuha Masri

Nuha is the Head of Marketing at MURAL. She uses her distinguished passion for business development to help companies scale their marketing efforts and establish notable business growth.

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