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Remote Design Research at O'Reilly Media: Interview with Stefanie Owens

Stefanie Owens leads the user research practice at O'Reilly Media. Her team of talented designers manage to stay connected and creative despite being distributed across the U.S.

We interviewed Stefanie to find out how her O'Reilly team designs remotely together and what advice she has for others.

Jim Kalbach

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Finish the Quarter Strong with MURAL: Webinar Recap

Alicia Ness

in agile, business strategy.

We know the final weeks of any quarter are fast and furious for just about everyone, and believe that teams can greatly benefit from setting aside time for reflecting collaboratively on the quarter's strengths and areas of opportunity.

Joint goal setting can help lead to higher performance by directing attention, regulating effort, increasing persistence, and fostering strategies and action plansIn addition, an early and unified approach to the following quarter's goal setting ensures that teammates can maintain momentum they've already built rather than standing by while new goals come from the top down.


To arm you with the digital collaboration tools you need to be successful with a quarterly retrospective, during our September 14th webinar MURAL's Customer Success team highlighted:

  • Using MURAL's Kanban+Retrospective template to review your team's strategic activities throughout the quarter and plan next quarter's initiatives
  • Our end of quarter outputs (new features, templates, & learning content)
  • What's coming in Q4



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Read on for the Q3 blog, template, and learning resources our Customer Success Managers recommend you use within your teams.


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Alicia Ness

Alicia Ness

Alicia Ness has worked with nearly 800 diverse customers over her 6 years in SaaS Customer Success, acting as a strategic partner in the HR, User Research, and now Digital Collaboration spaces. A trusted advisor to teammates and executives alike, Alicia has helped build successful CS teams and processes from the ground up. She is currently a Senior Customer Success Manager at and tweets under @licianess.

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