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Suddenly Remote?: Education Edition webinar recap

Glenn Fajardo, instructor at the Stanford and seasoned online facilitator, joined forces with MURAL's Ward Bullard to demonstrate what a virtual classroom could look like.

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Evaluating the Impact of Design Thinking in Action II: Webinar Recap

As we make more progress with design thinking and it gains continued adoption within the world's most innovative companies, the urgency of how we measure it grows.

In our first webinar with Professor Jeanne Liedtka (January, 2018) she reported on her in-depth research of over 30 organizations who used design thinking in practice - so that we could understand how to legitimately evaluate design thinking's overall impact.

Perhaps the most comprehensive analysis on the impact of design thinking to-date, Jeanne's research study detailed her methods to:
      • Identify the most effective design thinking elements used in practice
      • Asses design thinking's value for enhancing innovation outcomes
      • Evaluate the overall impact of design thinking in practice

JEANNE 3 copynew figure
Updated model: The design thinking elements and their enabling mechanisms work together to effect innovation processes and actual outcomes.

In our follow-up webinar (April, 2019), Jeanne came back to share updates on her previous research study as well as introduce a new tool she developed with colleague Kristina Jaskyte Bahr (University of Georgia School of Social Work) which allows you to self-assess the impact of design thinking within your own organization and see how your results compare to those of other companies.

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If you missed the webinar, we've got all of the resources below - including the presentation deck (with links to the new materials), the full video recording, and special access to the evaluation tool.



Explore the webinar presentation deck:

McKinsey's Business Value of Design and Forrester's TEI of IBM's Design Thinking Practice put quantitative research around what the impacts of design thinking are. 

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*Cover photo courtesy of McKinsey & Company, 2018


Watch the webinar video recording: 

Follow along as Jeanne sheds light on how we can deconstruct the elements of design thinking in order to materially understand its impact. Stick around for the Q&A where our hosts field the most up-voted questions from the attendees.



After unpacking and studying all of the elements of design thinking, Jeanne and Kristina re-packed them into a diagnostic tool that they believe will begin to provide a simple, straightforward tool for helping people assess how design thinking is adding value in their organization.

Use this tool to self-assess the impact of design thinking within your own organization and see how your results compare to those of other companies.



Our first webinar with Jeanne, January 2018:
Evaluating the Impact of Design Thinking in Action I: Webinar Recap

Explaining Jeanne's analysis + framework infographic:
ROI of Design Thinking: Framework to Measure Impact

Jeanne's academic research report:
Exploring the Impact of Design Thinking in Action (PDF)

Forrester's analysis of the ROI of using MURAL: 
Total Economic Impact of MURAL

IBM's explains their early investment in "virtual studios":
ROI of (Remote) Design Thinking: Webinar Recap


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