Digital Service Blueprinting at Intuit – Interview with Erik Flowers

Good service design is critical for providing satisfying, meaningful customer experiences. In this interview, we caught up with Erik Flowers, Prncipal Desginer at Intuit and thought-leader in service design. Find out how visualizations can help your team design better services, even if they are remote.

Rapid Techniques for Mapping Experiences – Webinar Recap

Mapping your customer’s experience helps you to see things through their eyes and to spot opportunities for growth. But creating a map doesn’t have to take long. In this webinar, author Jim Kalbach shows us how to complete mapping projects quickly – in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Experience Maps: Sheet Music for Design

In the design world, we love to make the analogy of how great designers are like jazz musicians. These Miles Davises, John Coltranes and other dream team players are said to get together and brainstorm…

Finding Our Ideal Customer

We started MURAL because we felt an itch when collaborating remotely back in our last company, Three Melons. We were a small company (around 50 folks) and the high level, early product design collaboration…