Learn Lean UX with Jeff Gothelf – AMA Recap

For proponents of lean UX, it can sometimes be hard to convince others of its benefits. In many cases, the idea of creating more iterations is simply seen as creating more work. And it’s…

Boost Empathy Quickly With Proto-Personas

Proto-personas are a light way to depict user archetypes for your whole team to see. This helps build empathy quickly and ensures you’re thinking about the user at every step. MURAL helps you create proto-personas fast with our built in frameworks so you can continue your creative work no matter where you team is location. Find out more in this post!

Using MURAL for Remote Lean UX with FanDuel

MURAL partnered with Jeff Gothelf and FanDuel to run remote Lean UX sessions. This post summarizes the process we took for the remote collaboration, including some our key learnings you can apply to your own situation.

Lean UX Around the World

For our third online Lean UX workshop with Jeff Gothelf, we had participants around the world. The team collaborated in real time across three continents. Participants were in France, New York, California, Hawaii and Thailand. Read more to find out how this workshop went off without a hitch.