MURAL on different devices
Five Design Thinking Shorcuts for Productivity in MURAL

According to IDEO President and CEO Tim Brown, “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the…

Assumption mapping with MURAL
How to Look Before You Leap: A guide to mapping assumptions for product development teams

This much we know: design thinking can help lead to better product development. We’ve seen it to be true in experience mapping and now we’re seeing it in assumption mapping. To show you what…

Work Through Any Problem With The Innovators’ Compass

We’re excited to offer the Innovator’s Compass as a new framework within MURAL. Created by Ela Ben-Ur, this is a simple but powerful tool you can use to help you think through any design challenge – no matter how big or how small. Read on to learn more and see examples.

Getting into Remote Design Thinking with MURAL, a leading design agency with a remote workforce, experimented doing design thinking remotely. Not everything went well at first, but they eventually figured out how to collaborate effectively. Read on to find out what they learn and get some concrete advice how to effectively collaborate remotely.

Event Recap: “Designing At Scale” Webinar with Doug Powell

IBM’s transformation into a design-driven company begins with a comprehensive education program. With nearly 400,000 employees around the world, that’s no easy task. In this webinar recap, Design Principal Doug Powell shows us how IBM scales Design Thinking throughout the company with the help of MURAL.

Event Recap: Remote Design For America Leadership Studio

Design for America is the leading network of student designers in the country. Their mission is to organize and support interdisciplinary student teams and community members to create local and social impact through design.…