DesignOps: Solving the Technical Challenges of Modern Design Teams – Interview with Dave Malouf.

Design is serious business. More and more, companies are realizing that good design isn’t a nice-to-have: it’s mission critical. “DesignOps” is a new field that looks at the tools and instrumentation needed for modern design teams to succeed. Find out more in this extended interview with Dave Malouf.

Marching Backwards Into The Future with Backcasting – Interview with Ephraim Bhatoo

We march backwards into the future. – Marshall McLuhan No one can predict the future – that much is clear. But companies still need to plan ahead and seek potential opportunities. That’s where backcasting…

Make Lectures Come Alive with MURAL – Interview with Michael Dain

Distance learning is more and more common. This brings about challenges for any instructor: how do you engage students when they aren’t in the same room? Find out how Michael Dain, lecturer at Northwestern University, used MURAL to make his classes come alive.

Digital Service Blueprinting at Intuit – Interview with Erik Flowers

Good service design is critical for providing satisfying, meaningful customer experiences. In this interview, we caught up with Erik Flowers, Prncipal Desginer at Intuit and thought-leader in service design. Find out how visualizations can help your team design better services, even if they are remote.

Creative Problem Solving with MURAL at Yummly – Interview with Ethan Smith

In this post we interview Ethan Smith, Chief Growth Officer at Yummly, a leading platform for discovering recipes and food recommendations. He tells us how his team uses MURAL and how others can get started working digitally.

This Is Your Brain On MURAL – Interview With Dr Anjan Chatterjee

The human visual system is complex and mysterious. Dr Anjan Chatterjee is one of the world’s leading neurscientists and has studied the human brain for decades. In this in-depth interview, he provides some insight into how visual thinking works and why it’s so important to problem solving.