The Art of Opportunity: Interview with Marc Sniukas

All successful companies must eventually answer the same basic question: How do you establish new growth strategies and business opportunities from within your organization? That’s exactly what the authors of The Art of Opportunity set out to answer. Read our interview with Dr Marc Sniukas to find out more.

Experience Mapping Presentation
Successfully Mapping User Experiences with Stakeholders – Event Recap

For many teams, mapping user experiences can be a powerful tool. The process helps frame conversations and align priorities with stakeholders. The problem is that the ability to figure out what teams and stakeholders are doing and why can sometimes get lost in the practice.

Applying Design to Business with Justin Lokitz – Webinar Recap

Behind every successful business is innovative strategy. Not just one, but several. Because according to Justin Lokitz, Managing Director at Business Models Inc. and co-author of Design a Better Business, strategy is iterative.

The Art of Innovation: Visual Thinking for Strategic Innovation – Webinar Recap

We were proud to host Marc Sniukas, Parker Lee, and Matt Morasky, authors of the bestselling book the Art of Opportunity, in an hour-long webinar.

In this webinar, Marc Sniukas, Parker Lee and Matt Morasky presented their hands-on approach from their book The Art of Opportunity. Find out how to spark innovation, reduce risk, and deliver results with business design thinking and visual frameworks.

“Design Visual and Engaging Meetings Using MethodKit“ – Webinar Recap

We love meeting people, but let’s face it: meetings can be hard to get right. And running remote meetings is even harder. In this webinar, Ola Möller showed us how you can use cards to design dynamic meetings that hit the sweet spot between structure and creativity.

MURAL @ WPC: The Future of Work

  The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is an annual event that brings together a global community of Microsoft providers and partners. This year, the conference was held in Toronto, where over 18,000 people came…