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Sprinting in Boulder: Reflections from Google's SprintCon19

From an event hosted by a colossal tech provider came a rather intimate deep dive into the world of design sprints. The 3rd annual Google Design Sprint Conference, also known as SprintCon19, was an immersive 3-day event held on Google's very new Boulder, Colorado campus. With the intention to..

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What’s New at MURAL - December Webinar Recap

Welcome back to our monthly series, “What’s New at MURAL.” In our December webinar, we show you our favorite new features and three things you might not know MURAL could do.

Watch the full webinar for more details.



Missed last month’s updates? Find the webinar featuring the Microsoft Surface Hub, enhanced sticky notes and new permissions here.

All caught up? Here’s a look at what we revealed this week:

What's New December

Share your murals by inviting anyone to your workspace using the new share link. Being able to generate a share link makes it easier for your team to find your workspace. By default, all new members who join the workspace through the share link will have permission to create rooms and templates as well as see public workspace rooms.

So you can save time by not having to edit the permission of each new user. If you need to control the permissions, you can still invite new collaborators to a room or a mural. Or when you’re finished working, you can revoke access by deleting the link.

You can also limit the access users can have using your shared link. The view link makes sure anonymous users can only view your mural. This way you can share murals with more people without worrying about unwanted or accidental changes to the content. Any anonymous users you invite will show up as an animal avatar if they join the mural at the same time as you do.

Once you’ve shared the link and set permissions, you’ll be able to see all your members in one place. The mural members drop down shows you:

  • Online members
  • Offline members
  • Members who haven’t entered

Plus, if you’re the mural owner, you’ll be able to manage permissions and change between edit and view directly from the drop down menu.

See Mural members in the drop down menu

Now you can choose how you navigate your murals. This feature lets you make your workspace responsive to the way you design best. Upon your first visit, you’ll choose:

  • How to scroll
  • How to zoom

If you change your mind, just visit the navigation menu in your account settings.

More Navigation Control in Mural Settings


Import Spreadsheets
Copy and paste quickly from any spreadsheet. MURAL will turn each field into stickies for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Use SHIFT + C to draw arrows and create mind maps and flow diagrams.

Hyperlink Elements
Copy and paste links directly into your mural to create rich buttons with visual context, or hyperlink images or stickies.

And don’t forget to join us the first Wednesday of every month to see What’s New at MURAL.


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