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Pre-work: Why you need it in your life

The idea of pre-work has existed long before we had a catchy name for it. Think of the list of books your school would give you to read over the summer. While we all had different relationships with summer reading, the idea behind it was right: schools wanted you to be prepared for what lay..

Mary Halling and Alicia Ness

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Resources for Remote Design

Here at MURAL, we are committed to supporting remote design. This post gathers some resources to learn what experts have to say about designing remotely, and tools to help you do it, too. 






We recently conducted a survey on remote design. Here are the top tools the designers use for various aspects of remote design:

Conferencing Tools


File Sharing

Online Prototyping

Online Testing

Online Research

Online Whiteboards



Remote work is on the rise. Odds are you'll have to design remotely in the future. As technology for remote collaboration gets better, it will make remote design easier. Here are few bits of inspiration:



Remote design will continue to develop. We're confident that as new solutions because available, designers will be both more comfortable and more productive designing from a far.

To further the cause, we've created a discussion group on LinkedIn. Please add to the conversation with your thoughts and comments.

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Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in customer experience, experience design, digital transformation, and strategy.

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