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Suddenly Remote?: Education Edition webinar recap

Glenn Fajardo, instructor at the Stanford and seasoned online facilitator, joined forces with MURAL's Ward Bullard to demonstrate what a virtual classroom could look like.

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Switching Up the Business Model: a Product for Professionals

MURAL is designed for creative professionals. With that in mind, we are tailoring our product and services to optimize working of design work collaboratively.

We understand the value of MURAL as a personal and educational tool, but we're taking some time to focus specifically on producing a premium piece of online software for business users.

In MURAL's earlier days, offering a free account made sense: we wanted people to use MURAL for all kinds of activities and collaborate with anyone in or outside their network. Over time, we started noticing something interesting: that the most avid MURAL users are teams of professionals, most of which have at least one team member that works remotely.


New Business Model

In order to build a sustainable company that can really give the creative pros the support they need, all MURAL accounts will now be paid.

Each team begins with a free 30-day trial, and then selects the paid plan that best suits them. We've switched up the pricing a little: the cost of the plan is directly related to the size of your team. So big teams will pay more, and small teams will pay less. You can check out our new pricing here.

Early customers will still be "grandfathered," but all new signups will go directly to a premium offering with a free trial.

Students, don't panic! We're looking out for you, too. We offer significantly reduced yearly pricing for K-12 education. University folks, please contact us about discounted plans as well.


Be a part of the Movement

Design Thinking is not just a process, it's a movement and it's here to stay. Through Design Thinking, we have the means to more holistically identify and solve important problems.

We are here to enable that movement on a global scale.

MURAL is already giving companies like IBM Design, Steelcase, HMH and IDEO the means to collaborate remotely. Startups like Yummly also organize their product design activities using MURAL We are enabling a new breed of fully distributed startups, even when they are 70 people strong, like our friends from McBeard.

This is a call for any and all design labs, global companies with distributed teams, and any team whose office isn't currently suited for (remote) visual collaboration to join the Design Thinking Movement with MURAL. Be bold, be innovative, and be unburdened by the difficulties of distance.

Spread the word, and give MURAL a try. And contact us if you have any questions.

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Mariano Suarez-Battan

Mariano Suarez-Battan

I run MURAL, where we are making creative teams become better design thinkers through our collaboration software.We started MURAL because of a game we were designing. Ask me about that.

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